Download Driver Robot: Free Scan

By following the directions below, you can install Driver Robot on to your PC and start getting driver updates in just 2 minutes. When you're finished installing Driver Robot, the driver scan will begin automatically and detect any missing or out-of-date drivers that need updating.

1. Start your download.

Driver Robot is 5.1MB, and will take about 40 seconds on broadband, or about 10 minutes on dial-up, to download to your computer.

2. Save the installer to your computer.

After clicking the download link, please press "Save" to save the Driver Robot installer on to your computer. You will be able to run the installer once it finishes downloading. Once you press "save", keep the download window open so you don't lose track of the file!

3. Run the installer.

When the download completes, you may run the Driver Robot installer. Do this by double-clicking on the completed download in your Download Manager. You will now be taken through a quick installation process that will place Driver Robot on your computer, allowing you to run the program.

4. Go through the installation process.

Continue through the installation process by clicking "next". After you've read the End User License Agreement and agreed to it, proceed.

5. Finish the installer

The Driver Robot installer should now be complete. Press "Finish" to run your first scan for out-of-date drivers.